In-school Days

  • Tuesdays and Thursday

  • 9 AM – 3 PM

  • Grades K – 5 (Gr. 5 will be located in the gymnasium)

  • Grade 6 – Tuesdays only (Grade 6 classroom)

  • Grade 7 – Thursdays only (Grade 7 classroom)

Remote Learning Days

  • Online learning will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday for all students.

Health and Screening

To help reduce the spread of COVID 19 and Influenza:

Stay Home When Sick

  • All children and Staff with common cold, influenza, COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases MUST STAY HOME and self-isolate.

  • All families MUST SCREEN for symptoms of common cold, influenza, COVID 19, or other infectious respiratory disease prior to leaving for school. FEVER – greater than 38 degrees C, COUGH, SNIFFLES, DIFFICULTY BREATHING are indicators that a child/adult is to stay home and seek medical attention.

  • If a student develops symptoms while at home, parents or caregivers must keep the child at home until they have been assessed by a health care provider to exclude COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and their symptoms resolved.

  • The parent (if the child feels ill) the parent may be asked to quickly take temperatures of student(s) at drop off prior to entering the building. The Infrared thermometer is a no-touch type that will give a green, yellow or red colour reading. Students who have no elevated temperature (green) will proceed into the school. Children who have a fever will go home and isolate until they have no fever for 24 hours.

  • Students who become sick during the day will be isolated in the sick room and the parents will be called to come and pick the child up immediately. Students will not be able to return to school until they have seen a medical professional and have been cleared to return to school.

  • The sick room will be available only to the sick child (isolation) until the child is picked up by the parent.

  • The sick room and any other areas used by the student will then be cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.

  • The school will ask all adults (visitors and Staff) entering the building if they have screened themselves for symptoms of illness.

  • Prior to having access to the classrooms and/or common areas, a daily Screening Checklist/form will be completed, signed, and filed for all staff and adults who enter the school building.

Hand Hygiene

Wash Hands Frequently!

  • Thorough hand washing with plain soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the most effective way to reduce the spread of illness.

  • All students, staff and visitors upon entering the school will wash or sanitize their hands at the sanitizing station in the main foyer. Entrance to the school will only be through the front doors.

  • All Staff, students and authorized visitors will enter and exit through the front door. Entrance to the school will only be through the main front doors of the school.

  • Sanitizing procedures will be completed upon entering and exiting the school building.

  • Everyone is to try not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth.

  • All Staff and students will wash their hands

  • before eating and drinking

  • After using the washroom facilities

  • After sneezing or coughing into hands or tissue

  • Whenever hands are visibly dirty

  • When moving between different learning environments (outdoor-indoor transitions, from the gym or music room to the classroom)

  • Staff will assist the younger students with hand hygiene as needed.

  • If a sink is not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be used.

  • Food will not be shared amongst students.

  • All fruits and vegetables are to be washed at home with soap and cold water rinsed before consuming

Respiratory and Personal Hygiene

  • Cover your coughs with a tissue or cough into your arm/elbow

  • Sneeze into your arm or elbow

Physical Distancing and Minimizing Physical Contact

  • Understanding that it may be difficult to enforce a 2-metre spread between young children when outside, the students will:

  • Be spread out to different areas of the playground.

  • Students will be allowed outside to play in shifts to minimize the number of students on the playground. Recess times will be staggered as will lunch time recesses.

  • There will be a “no touch” & “hands to yourself” environment for all students. Children are to keep their hands to themselves.

  • Personal “bubbles” will be used to explain the physical distancing needed between individuals.

  • Close gatherings, hugs, handshakes will be avoided.

  • No items will be shared amongst the students.

  • When appropriate, classes will be taught outside.

  • Strict school occupancy limits will be enforced.

  • Plexiglass barriers will be installed in each classroom and common areas to encourage physical distancing (Teacher’s desk and Educational Assistant work area).

  • Desks will be separated from other desks and a maximum number of students will be posted outside each classroom. Excess desks will be made unavailable.

  • If the number posted is exceeded in a Grade, the class will be divided and placed in empty classrooms with a staff member.

  • “Wait here” indicators will be placed throughout the school to maintain physical distancing protocols while waiting to use the washroom facilities as well as other areas in the school.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All areas will be cleaned regularly. Routine cleaning in the evening and high-touch areas during the day.

  • High-touch areas will be cleaned at least twice a day

  • Railings, toilets, door handles, desks, taps, sinks, table tops, etc. with a diluted bleach solution (1:99) made fresh as needed and/or commercial sanitizer. Premade solution will be available in a spray bottle in each classroom.

  • A daytime cleaner will be on the premises on the days that the students are present to ensure that the toilets and communal high touch areas are regularly cleaned.

  • Outside play equipment will be made available for the lunch time recess only. This will allow enough turnaround time to disinfect items. There will be no equipment at short recess.

  • Regular daily cleaning will continue during the evening hours by a cleaning company.

  • The Adventure playground structures will remain closed until further notice.

  • Water fountains will be turned off. Water bottles can be refilled from the sinks in the classrooms.

  • Washrooms

  • A strict washroom protocol will be followed:

  • Students will be given a stickie that they will place on the outside door of the stall prior to entering. When they have finished they will proceed to the sink and wash their hands thoroughly. They will use the paper towel to open the door and then discard the paper towel. The cleaner will monitor the cleanliness of the washrooms. The stickie on the door will then be removed thus indicating that it is clean and ready to be used by another student. When the cleaner has finished and exited the washroom, the students can use the washrooms. The Cleaner WILL NOT be in the washrooms while the children are using the facilities.

  • The girls and boys will use the upstairs washroom only.

  • The boys' urinals will be out of service. Boys will use the toilets in the stalls. This will allow the cleaner to know which toilets were used.

  • The washrooms will be closed during the cleaning period. Upon completing the cleaning, they will be reopened (approximately a 10- minute turn around)

  • The Music and Library Rooms will be closed. The Specialist teachers will visit the classrooms.

Other Considerations:

What to wear/bring:

  • Students will arrive to school in their gym uniform and runners. (White gym shirts only). If the weather is cooler, students may bring the school sweater or school hoodie to wear.

  • Students will only bring their pencil/crayon box and it will go home at the end of the day as well as materials that the teacher has indicated will be needed.

  • Students will bring their snack/lunch and water bottles in a separate bag.

  • No backpacks

  • There will be no sharing of materials or food

  • Masks are optional

When to expect when the student arrives:

  • Students will arrive no sooner than 8:45 AM

  • The drop off will be at the front door. Do not park your vehicle – drive up to the welcome station and a Staff member will greet you and complete a verbal screening. A temperature reading may be taken if necessary.

  • The student(s) will disembark and proceed into the entrance of the school to the sanitizing stations. Physical distancing markers on the floor will indicate where to stand while waiting. Family members may stand together. Once hands are cleaned the student will proceed directly to the classroom.

  • The teacher will meet the student and indicate where to sit. The student will have the opportunity to wash his/her hands with soap and water if desired.

  • The classes will then proceed as per usual.

  • Hallways will be one directional during entering and exiting times. During the times after drop off the students will proceed down the hallways keeping to the right and not crossing the center line indicated on the hallway floor.

  • Prior to moving outside for short and long recess the students will wash their hands.

  • Recess time 10:00 – 10:15 Grade 5 will proceed outside

  • Recess time 10:15 – 10:30 Grades 1, 3, K will proceed outside

  • Recess time 10:40 –10:55 Grades 2, 4, (6 or 7) will proceed outside

  • Upon returning to the classroom after short and long recess the students will wash their hands

  • Lunch recess 11:35 – 12:00 Grade 5

  • Lunch recess 12 – 12:25 PM Grades 1, 3, K

  • Lunch recess 12:35 – 1 PM Grades 2, 4, (6 or 7)

  • Dismissal

  • Students will gather with their siblings and move to the designated area to wait to be called.

  • When the parent turns into the parking lot – they will give their name and the children of that family will be called down so that they can meet the car at the front door. Parents are asked not to park but to pick up their children and proceed home.

  • Staff

  • Staff will be given face shields to wear during the day and masks.

  • Clear plexi-glass guards are placed in each classroom to protect both the student and the teacher

  • Staff will be screened prior to entering the classroom to ensure they are fit to teach and be with the children.

A more detailed protocol will be forthcoming. Things have changed considerably since the beginning of 2020. The Staff entered the profession of teaching because we love children and we want to share the love of learning with them. These are extraordinary times. Our return to school will look different than pre-Spring Break. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and mental well-being of our children.

We are cautious and it is our goal to protect the children, the invisible family members they bring with them into the classroom environment, the Staff and their own immediate and extended families.

We are a community and together we will take care of each other by being sensitive to the need to protect not only ourselves but others as well. One of the items mentioned by a number of families is the concern that they have gone to great lengths to follow the directives of the Public Health Department and they do not wish to jeopardize all they have done to keep their immediate and extended family safe. As we are a compassionate and understanding community, we support and will do everything we reasonably can to continue to safeguard the health of everyone.

I know I speak on behalf of the Pastors and teachers…we can hardly wait to have the children back in our midst. We’ve missed them and you too.

June 1st will be an online school day. The in- school program commences on June 2, 2020 for those students who are returning to the school. Online schooling continues for all students.