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Our Academics

Academic excellence is a vital part of the St. Anthony’s School philosophy. The curriculum includes all topics required by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.  French, both written and oral, is taught in all grades. 

All CISVA schools follow the curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. The religious instruction component of the curriculum is provided by the CISVA.

All teachers at St. Anthony’s follow the curriculum guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. We are committed to guiding each student to reach their potential and are constantly re-evaluating our academic programs to better meet the needs of all our students.

Performing Arts

 Through music, art, and drama, St. Anthony’s has built up a substantial cultural program giving students of all ages many opportunities to discover their talents.


 Language Arts is used across the curriculum at every grade level. Our program strives to instil a love of reading and develop writing skills and presentation skills through Speech Art performances


Mathematics focuses on the ability to think and reason mathematically, to communicate and represent mathematical thinking, and to productively solve problems. 


Science includes class activities such as experiments in biology, dissection, chemistry, ecology and nutrition

Social Studies

Social Studies integrates geography and history through discussion, research, project work and field trips.

Physical Education

We offer many different sports programs, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton and tennis and track-and-field. 

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