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Junior Kindergarten

Our Program Philosophy 
Every Child deserves to learn in a nurturing environment.


At Saint Anthony’s Junior Kindergarten we provide opportunities for students to learn through exploration and play.  We value inclusivity, multiculturalism, interdependence and the dignity of every child. All children are children of God.

Our junior kindergartens are taught through a variety of activities including play, art, music and outdoor experiences. We provide both structured and non structured activities that focus on making each day a learning experience for the children.


The goal is to help each child become a confident individual who is ready for entry into the elementary school system.


Come and join our family of excited learners!

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Junior Kindergarten Application Package

Application Package and Information

The Junior Kindergarten program is an all-day program from September until June. The application package provides more information.

Please print, complete and return the application package to the office. If there are any questions, please contact:

or phone 604-922-0011


Saint Anthony's Junior Kindergarten

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